‘Easier To Go Fight A Boogaloo Boy Than The CIA’: Glenn Greenwald…

by akoloy

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald detailed how “wokeness” is the ideology of America’s energy facilities in a Tuesday night time phase of Tucker Carlson Tonight.

After a monologue by which Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson tore into the CIA’s newest woke recruitment ad, Greenwald, co-founder of The Intercept and finest identified for reporting the Edward Snowden leaks, defined how he believes the ideology of woke liberals is designed to additional ruling class pursuits whereas tearing American residents aside.

Greenwald started by blasting the CIA’s notorious recruitment advert, saying that it’s indicative of how highly effective establishments, such because the intelligence group, Wall Street, and Silicon Valley are utilizing the “left-wing cultural ideology” that permeates the Democratic Party to additional their very own pursuits.

“Wokeness, this ideology, is not about subverting power centers. They never talk about power centers, the CIA, big tech, monopolies, hedge fund managers, it is about turning citizens against one another,” Greenwald stated. “That person is evil. That individual is bad. It empowers these ruling class centers. That is why they not just embrace it and cynically exploit it, they actually finance it and want to spread it because it strengthens and entrenches their power.”

In closing, Greenwald blasted the hypocrisy of liberals who he says have a “complete confusion about where power lies.” (RELATED: ‘Invasion Of Bodily Autonomy’: Journalist Glenn Greenwald Rips Proposed Vaccine Passport ‘Caste System’)

“American liberalism and the left have a complete confusion about where power lies… They never go and protest at Langley, at the CIA headquarters, they never challenge the Pentagon, they’re nowhere near Silicon Valley or Wall Street… The left and liberals think that they are fighting against power when they are really fighting marginalized people to benefit ruling class institutions because it is much easier to go fight a boogaloo boy than the CIA or tech monopolies.”

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