Raid On Rudy Giuliani’s Home Makes America Look Like A Banana Republic

by akoloy

The latest raid on Rudy Giuliani’s house by the FBI is nothing greater than a brand new chapter within the witch-hunt in opposition to anybody who ever labored with or defended Trump.

We noticed it with Roger Stone, and with Michael Flynn. This is simply extra of the identical.

Harvard legislation professor Alan Dershowitz says that the Giuliani raid is the stuff of banana republics.

Newsmax studies:

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Dershowitz Compares US to Banana Republic for Search Warrant on Giuliani

Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz in contrast the United States to a banana republic for the search warrant carried out by federal investigators on the Manhattan house of Rudy Giuliani.

Speaking Sunday on “The Cats Roundtable” radio present hosted by John Catsimatidis on WABC 770 AM, Dershowitz stated he has agreed to signify Giuliani and is “very upset” about what’s taking place to the previous New York City mayor and private lawyer to former President Donald Trump.

“In banana republics, in Castro’s Cuba, in many parts of the world, when a candidate loses for president, they go after the candidate, they go after his lawyers, they go after his friends,” Dershowitz stated. “That didn’t happen in America. That’s happening in America now. They’re going after Rudy Giuliani … Who knows who’s going to be next?”

Dershowitz careworn that “You don’t use search warrants when people have privileged information on their cell phones and in their computers. You use a subpoena. The difference between a subpoena and a search warrant is like night and day.”

People know what that is actually about.

The leftists who’re doing this to Giuliani are the identical individuals who known as Trump a fascist.

Once once more, it was projection.

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