10 Ways To Feel Morally Superior To Everyone When Masks Are No…

by akoloy

Masks have been the best method for us to tell apart between morally superior individuals and all of the evil egocentric individuals. But how will the world know what an excellent particular person you might be when masks are not required? Don’t fear fam– we right here on the Babylon Bee are morality specialists. We received you. 

Here are 10 straightforward methods to maintain feeling morally superior as soon as the pandemic is over: 

Never cease sporting a masks so long as you reside: This might be the best answer. Wear your masks without end. Breathe in that candy, candy, ethical superiority and CO2. 

Start a podcast about your time sporting a masks: Bring in co-hosts who additionally wore masks, and speak about the way you wore masks. As a bonus, do it whereas sporting a masks. 

Get a tattoo of your masks in your face: There’s no higher method of reminding everybody how vital masks was and the way vital you have been for sporting one. 

Start an HOA in your suburban neighborhood: Oh– you already began one? Of course, you probably did! 

Declare a local weather emergency and swap to an all-bug weight loss program: Bugs are essentially the most morally superior factor to eat. Also, be wealthy and drive an electrical automobile. Shame all individuals who don’t do the identical.

Punch a white male within the face each day: If you are not already doing this, what the heck is mistaken with you? Go punch a white male in his dumb white face! 

Travel solely by prepare for the remainder of your life: Trains are extra ethical than automobiles. Don’t ask us why. We’re really undecided why however we’re wanting into it. If you do not have a prepare close by attributable to dwelling in a racist Republican space, simply journey a motorcycle as a substitute. 

Drone strike a Middle-Eastern nation: Obama, the Child of Light and Son of Hope did this typically. Follow within the footsteps of Barack. 

Become a Christian: Religious individuals are recognized for the way morally superior they consider themselves to be. You’ll match proper in!

Become an atheist: If there’s anybody much more morally superior than a Christian, it is an atheist!

There you may have it! You cannot go mistaken with this checklist! You are an excellent particular person only for studying it. Go and present the world how significantly better you might be than them! 

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