NASA Astronauts Land SpaceX Capsule Overnight

by akoloy

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NASA Astronauts Land SpaceX Capsule Overnight

Four astronauts splashed down off the coast of Panama City, Fla., early Sunday in a Crew Dragon spacecraft, named Resilience, returning safely to Earth from a mission in November to the International Space Station.

“Those might be our drogue chutes.” “Visual: two chutes.” “And those four drogue chutes. Oh, you can see them being pulled out now.” “Visual on four mains.” “And Resilience copies, and we see a nominal descent rate.” “SpaceX copies and concurs, nominal descent rate.” “And there are the boats starting to chase after Dragon to begin their recovery operations as soon as Dragon lands.” [clapping, cheering] “I don’t know if you can hear the applause, but we have visual confirmation of the Crew-1 Resilience, capsule.” “This is SpaceX from Resilience. That is excellent news. We are splashed down. The pyros have fired, we’re out of space.” “So you can see that second boat approaching those parachutes to attach some buoys.” “Amazing preliminary news that the crew reports that they are feeling well, and that’s quite a feat in itself.” “A great view of the capsule now, and the person preparing it to be hoisted onto GO Navigator.” “The recovery vessel, GO Navigator, and here is, I think that’s Mike Hopkins, the commander. He’s really excited.” “Feeling pretty good after six months in space.”

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