WATCH: MSNBC medical ‘skilled’ is upset Biden is not constructing a…

by akoloy

Dr. Zeke Emanuel spoke to NBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Friday lamenting the dearth of a nationwide database of vaccinated Americans.

Mitchell requested Emanuel “How serious is this threat? Forged vaccination cards so people can go out and do what they want when they have not been vaxxed?”

“Yes, I think it’s a serious threat, I think it’s inevitable and I have been saying it for months that we will be certifying whether people have been vaccinated or not to go to indoor events like theater, or sporting events, or even airplanes, or return to employment.

“And I perceive why the administration actually did not wish to create a big database. I do not suppose privateness is basically the priority, I believe alot of persons are actually, what they’re actually frightened about is issues like exploitation, is it gonna be commercialized?

“Is it gonna fall into hands where people are gonna use it for other reasons than the reasons that they certify, and those are serious concerns, but so is forgery and I’m going to an indoor spot, everyone says they’ve been vaccinated, show their card, but in fact haven’t, and a spreading event is possible.

“So there isn’t any simple resolution right here, however I do suppose not doing a nationwide database the place, by the QR code, you possibly can really get in, having that carried out by a not-for-profit, ensuring it will not be commercialized, I believe that will have been the best method to go.”

The concept of a vaccine passport or vaccine certification that can be used to gain access to those events that the CDC says are safe for vaccinated persons and not for others have been a source of controversy in the US.

While at first the Biden administration stated they’d be teaming with businesses to create a credential, they’ve since stated that they’d not be creating any kind of federal database for vaccinations.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo enacted what has been termed the Excelsior Pass, which businesses can use to either grant or deny admission to events and venues based on a person’s vaccine status. Chicago has also created their own version.

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