The Easy Way to Clean a Microwave

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Want to scrub stuck-on gunk off your microwave with out scrubbing? Just steam it away, the web says.

Just don’t ask the web what liquid to make use of to create that steam.

Some websites say you need to microwave vinegar to create steam. Others say a mixture of vinegar and water. Bloggers searching for a pure various insist on lemon juice. One popular site says to combine hand-squeezed lemon juice with water — after which toss within the lemon itself, too.

Here’s the factor: It’s not concerning the liquid. It’s the steam that loosens up caked-on crud, making it simple to wipe the dirtiest of microwaves clear.

So, the one liquid it’s good to clear a unclean microwave in seconds — no elbow grease obligatory — is the water that runs out of your kitchen faucet.

I’ve tried all of the above-mentioned liquids and extra, and the outcome was the identical with every. I figured this could possibly be as a result of I clear my microwave typically sufficient that it by no means will get that soiled. But then my husband managed to cake the within with who is aware of what, permitting me to essentially put plain ol’ water to the check.

Lo and behold, the microwave was good as new lower than 30 seconds after I eliminated the steaming bowl of water and picked up a rag. Here’s how I did it.

1. The turntable

My microwave turntable is glass, so I simply toss it within the dishwasher, as we advise in “17 Unusual Things You Can Clean in a Dishwasher.”

The turntable was caked with meals residue this time, however I nonetheless didn’t trouble to wash it beforehand. The dishwasher all the time does the job by itself.

2. The inside the microwave

Steam doesn’t do the trick if you happen to don’t create sufficient of it for lengthy sufficient, I’ve discovered.

Start with a big microwave-safe bowl, ideally a transparent one. I take advantage of a 4-cup Pyrex dish. You need one thing that can permit for a great quantity of water floor space.

Fill it with water — however not too full. You don’t need steaming-hot water sloshing onto you whenever you take away the bowl from the microwave.

Next, microwave it lengthy sufficient that the water involves a boil. For me, that is 5 to 6 minutes — throughout which I am going discover one thing else to scrub.

If you utilize a transparent bowl, you need to see the water effervescent whenever you open the microwave afterward. Be certain to make use of oven mitts when eradicating the bowl from the microwave and setting it apart.

Now it’s time to wipe down the microwave. I take advantage of microfiber cleaning cloths after spritzing the within partitions with a homemade multipurpose cleaner, a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water.

It takes me a number of passes with the material to wipe out all of the gunk if the microwave is absolutely soiled, however that’s about on a regular basis or effort it takes.

3. The outdoors of the microwave

Here, I additionally use microfiber cloths and selfmade cleaner. I give the surface one spritz and wipe it clear in seconds.

While I’ve discovered rags and sponges clear the within of a microwave equally properly, microfiber is vital on the surface. Microfiber cloths effortlessly erase greasy fingerprints and different smudges from shiny surfaces like plastic, glass and stainless-steel.

Once I found this, I invested in a number of dozen cleansing cloths. I retailer some below each sink and use them to scrub each floor of my house.

For extra time-saving suggestions like this, take a look at our latest cleaning and organizing stories.

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