Joe Biden Is Out of Touch with ‘Core American Values’

by akoloy

Former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, a Democrat turned Republican, joined SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday to debate President Joe Biden’s latest tackle to Congress and the way conservative Americans ought to get entangled.

“It is just another example of how truly radical this leftist agenda has become and how far Joe Biden is from core American values,” Greitens instructed host Matt Boyle of Biden’s joint tackle to Congress. “Something that really stood out to me about the speech was when he talked about Nancy’s [Nancy Pelosi’s] second drive-by impeachment after January 6, and he said it was the greatest attack on American democracy since the Civil War.”

“I’m sitting there thinking to myself, ‘Does he not remember 9/11 when over 3,000 Americans were killed?’” Greitens continued. “Does he not remember the thousands of Americans who later perished in the global war on terrorism? Does he not remember Pearl Harbor when over 2,400 Americans were killed and the hundreds and thousands who gave their lives in World War II?”

“It just shows you how warped the left’s perspective has become,” he added. “This is what happens when you have leftists who try to erase American history, led by Joe Biden who clearly doesn’t remember it or has become so, so twisted by a leftist political ideology.”

Greitens continued, reflecting on his profession as a Navy SEAL and the various lives given for this nation, stating Biden is “detached from what is happening on the front line.” Greitens additionally blasted Biden for his dealing with of the southern border disaster, asserting he “has turned America’s border over to Mexican drug gangs and cartels.”

To fight the left’s agenda, Greitens stated, “Patriots must step forward.”

“Because of the failure of many Republicans to really investigate election integrity and election fraud, because of the failures of RINOs in the swamp to step up for President Trump, many patriotic Americans and conservative Americans, right now, are feeling hopeless,” Greitens stated. “What we need to recognize is that courage is contagious, and courage comes when we take action.”

Greitens additionally urged individuals ought to “get involved at a local level” and possibly “run for their local precinct” to struggle for the values they imagine in.

“There are more people in America who believe in common sense than the craziness of the left,” Greitens stated. “There are more people in America who are patriots than there are radicals.”

To take heed to Greitens’ full interview with Breitbart News, click on here.

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