Report: Conspiracy Theorists Now More Accurate Than Journalists

by akoloy

U.S.—According to a number of research of claims made by each journalists and conspiracy theorists over the past 5 years, conspiracy theorists have been decided to be rather more correct than virtually all journalists. 

“Yeah, the last four years really flipped the numbers,” mentioned Dr. Scooter Buggleputt, who carried out the research. “To be clear, conspiracy theorists have a fairly low accuracy rate, but journalists are at almost 0% accuracy right now since pretty much everything they say is just made up.”

The research cites the Russia investigation as the first driver of journalism’s descent into dangerous disinformation. Meanwhile, the more and more weird and wicked conduct of elites world wide lends credence to concepts that have been as soon as seen as conspiracy theories.

“What can I say?” mentioned Buggleputt. “It’s a crazy world! Now could you please pass me some more tinfoil?”

In gentle of this new research, the Pulitzer Prize board has introduced they are going to be awarding their high honor to Alex Jones, for his stellar reporting on estrogen within the water making frogs homosexual.

CNN has dismissed the research as Russian disinformation. 

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