Fulton County Commissioners to Vote on Legislation to Challenge…

by akoloy

In an try and counter the Georgia voting reform invoice, Senate Bill 202, Fulton County commissioners introduced that they’re getting ready to take authorized motion towards it.

Democrat Commissioner Khadijah Abdur-Rahman says she has sufficient votes to have her decision move, reported Fox5.

“It directs the county attorney to provide legal methods in court or out of court, to fight SB 202,” Abdur-Rahman mentioned.

The native commissioners are of the opinion that Gov. Brian Kemp and the voter reform focused Fulton County, the state’s largest.

The voter reforms require picture ID for absentee voting, necessary dropbox safety, and expands early voting dates, amongst different measures.

Abdur-Rahman expressed disapproval for the discount of poll drop containers by Senate Bill 202.

“We had 38, it is now eight. They added drop boxes in rural counties but you decreased the boxes in the metropolitan area,” mentioned the commissioner. “Now, Stevie Wonder can see that.”

She additional complained that the voting reform invoice prohibits two lately bought cellular voter RVs that price $800,000.

“Fulton County has two mobile units that 11,000 people used to vote. Were these the 11,000 votes Trump was looking for?” Abdur-Rahman mentioned.

“SB 202 is telling all 159 counties this is what you have to do, but you have to do it with your budget, which will be a burden on the taxpayer,” Abdur Rahman mentioned.

The voting will ensue on Wednesday and two different Democrat commissioners will probably assist the laws.

As a response to the decision, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger issued a response.

“Fulton County has been failing its voters for at least 25 years. Each new election cycle brings a new failure and it is Fulton’s voters who suffer. The bottom line is that Fulton County’s elections leadership is responsible for running elections. It is Fulton County’s elections leadership that has created long lines for their voters time and time again while other areas of the state have managed to execute successful elections,” mentioned Raffensperger.

“Instead of addressing their chronic election mismanagement issues, Fulton County’s Democrat officials have doubled down on their failed policies. After voting to override their own elections board’s decision to fire the Fulton elections supervisor, Fulton County’s Democrat commissioners are now taking aim at legislation that could actually bring Fulton’s voters the relief they have been seeking for decades,” he added.

“SB 202 provides avenues to change the elections leadership in consistently failing counties. Fulton County’s Democrat leadership has decided the double down on a system that isn’t working.”


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