Democrats: ‘Voting Needs To Be So Easy That Even The Most…

by akoloy

Democrats: ‘Voting Needs To Be So Easy That Even The Most Uninformed Idiot Can Do It’

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Democrats have slammed Georgia’s voting legal guidelines and comparable legal guidelines throughout the nation, and are demanding that voting be made simpler. 

“Voting is too hard. It needs to be made so easy that even the most uninformed moron in the country could do it,” mentioned Senator Chuck Schumer in a press convention. “As a matter of fact, we need more uninformed morons voting. We also need rubes, simpletons, goobers, nincompoops, dunces, dullards, cretins, nitwits, and half-wits voting as well.”

According to election legislation consultants, voting in most states requires solely essentially the most fundamental human life abilities to accomplish– corresponding to having an ID, standing in a line, and urgent buttons. Democrats imagine that is too excessive a barrier for his or her voter base.

“Voting for Democrats should be basically automatic, as long as you have at least one brain cell,” Schumer continued. “Our democracy is stronger when more people vote.”

Democrats are presently polling nicely amongst uninformed morons and presently get pleasure from snug leads amongst simpletons, dolts, and oafs. 

“If we can somehow get those people to the polls,” mentioned Schumer, “we’ll never lose another election!”

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