Global Lawmakers, Experts, Organizations Condemn Attack on Hong Kong Epoch Times

by akoloy

Lawmakers, consultants and organizations around the globe on April 12 decried the newest assault on The Epoch Times’ printing press in Hong Kong, saying it might not be a shock if the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was behind the assault in an try to silence reporting vital of the regime.

In the early hours on Monday, 4 males sporting masks—two of whom wielded sledgehammers—barged into the printing warehouse and smashed equipment and computer systems for about two minutes earlier than leaving with a pc. No workers members had been harm through the incident.

The intruders triggered in depth harm, and the Hong Kong version of The Epoch Times has been compelled to droop its operations for the foreseeable future.

Sen. Rick Scott

“Reorts of attacks on free press are extremely concerning. Senator Scott will always stand with the people of Hong Kong fighting for their freedom,” Sen. Rick Scott’s (R-Fla.) workplace advised The Epoch Times in an e-mail. “Now more than ever, the United States must stand up for democracy and human rights, and fight against Communist China’s aggression and quest for global dominance.”

Rep. Devin Nunes

“The repeated, violent attacks on The Epoch Times shock the conscience,” Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) advised The Epoch Times in an emailed assertion. “Clearly, the Chinese Communist Party and its street thugs cannot abide any media outlet reporting the facts about the Party’s depredations.”

Rep. Jim Banks

Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) described the assault as “reprehensible.”

“The freedom of the press in Hong Kong is under attack from the Chinese Communist Party,” Banks mentioned in an announcement.

Rep. Michelle Steel

“The attack on The Epoch Times Hong Kong is a direct assault on Hong Kong’s free press,” mentioned Rep. Michelle Steel (R-Calif.). “The Chinese Communist Party cannot continue to intimidate and infringe on freedom of the press in Hong Kong. If it is true that the CCP was behind these attacks, they must be held accountable.”

Rep. Brian Babin

“This is just another attempt by the Chinese Communist Party to silence the voices of truth-tellers in Hong Kong. I reject and condemn all attacks on free speech and the free press!,” Rep. Brian Babin (R-Texas) mentioned in an emailed assertion to The Epoch Times.

“I’m praying for my fellow freedom-lovers living under the CCP’s repressive regime. May they remain steadfast and courageous in their pursuit of the truth!”

Rep. Greg Steube

“This is proof of how far the CCP will go to silence anyone who does not support their communist regime. We will not back down to their intimidation tactics, and this event should not stop publications like The Epoch Times from speaking out against the CCP’s actions and humanitarian crimes,” Rep. Greg Steube (R-Fla.) mentioned in an announcement. “This attack on free speech is one of the many reasons why holding communist China accountable is a top priority for me in Congress.”

Rep. Scott Perry

“The Chinese Communist Party is a ‘thugocracy that relies on intimidation, extortion, and violence to suppress freedom and those who strive for truth and self-government by consent. It would be no surprise if the CCP were behind such an attack as they consistently seek to extinguish any light that exposes the dark sea of repression that keeps their illegitimate government afloat,” Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) wrote in an announcement.

Gen. Robert Spalding

“There is no freedom of the press in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is gone.”

Miles Yu, Senior Fellow at Hudson Institute

“If the Hong Kong government has any credibility left, and wants to convince the world that HK is still a safe and stable society, it should conduct an immediate investigation and prosecute those responsible.”

Reggie Littlejohn, Founder and President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers

“The attack on the Epoch Times printing press is part of the totalitarian takeover of Hong Kong by the CCP. Tyrants are threatened by truth, and so have sought to intimidate the Epoch Times by repeatedly attacking their offices. The journalists at the Epoch Times are heroic in their courage and persistence. They will continue to expose the evil of the CCP no matter what the personal or professional cost.”

Javier Larrondo Calafat, Prisoners Defenders EU Representative

“We condemn the attack on The Epoch Times in Hong Kong. When a media outlet is attacked for defending freedom of information, its vital importance becomes even more apparent. Supporting free journalism in the world is a duty of all nations and citizens.”

Lucio Malan, Italian Member of Parliament

“This is yet another act of brutality against Hong Kong’s democracy and freedom by the Beijing regime. That such an attack could happen without the connivance of the Chinese communist authorities is totally ruled out. Alongside sophisticated 21st century technology, Beijing also uses methods that are a hundred or two hundred years old. [Italian Foreign Affairs] Minister Di Maio must still answer my question asking why Italy abstained on the UN resolution condemning the repression of the opposition in the former British colony.”

María Herrera Mellado Vox, Spanish Political Party Representative in USA

“The violence carried out against The Epoch Times media in Hong Kong is disturbing. At a time when socialism and cancel culture is advancing by leaps and bounds, and even totalitarian regimes are being whitewashed, ordinary citizens and especially lawyers must unite to defend freedom of the press, a fundamental right and the cornerstone for living in a full democracy.”

Rosa María Payá, Cuban Activist, Executive Director of the Foundation for Panamerican Democracy:

“Just like its ally, the Communist Party of Cuba, the Chinese Communist Party also demonstrates its censorious nature and its fear of citizens’ freedom of speech. When they cannot silence the people with fear, they turn to violence. We extend our solidarity to the brave journalists of Epoch Times in Hong Kong. Only the voices and actions of the international community can break the impunity of the repression of CCP’s totalitarian power.”

The Epoch Times to Hold Press Conference on Attack

The Epoch Times will host a press convention April 13 at 1:30 p.m. on the National Press Club in Washington.

On April 13 at 1:30 p.m. within the Murrow Room of the National Press Club, June Guo, the director of the Hong Kong Epoch Times workplace, will present particulars relating to the assault and talk about the state of affairs the paper faces in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Epoch Times Forced to Suspend Printing

On April 12, for the fifth time since 2006, the Hong Kong Epoch Times’ printing plant was attacked. This assault compelled the non permanent closure of the paper and occurred simply days forward of courtroom appearances by key Hong Kong pro-democracy activists.

The Hong Kong printing plant has suffered a slew of assaults over the previous 15 years, and former police investigations have yielded little outcomes.

These assaults are a part of the fixed strain placed on press freedom in Hong Kong by the CCP, strain that has intensified for the reason that Chinese regime has handed laws proscribing civil liberties in Hong Kong.

Eva Fu and Cathy He contributed to this report

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