Taiwan reviews largest incursion but by Chinese air drive :…

by akoloy

Here’s a scarier bit.

The USA will truly defend Taiwan from this. It has to. Taiwan is by an especially broad margin, the primary producer of pc chips. Literally, China offensively assaulting Taiwan would lead to mainly a complete halt of something that wants a microchip, globally; probably for years as I discover it doubtless that, in a shedding scenario, the Taiwanese would scuttle their total digital trade to spite an invading China however in equal probability it might simply find yourself destroyed within the preventing anyway regardless.

Point is that, Taiwan is far too crucial a lynchpin within the international financial system to permit China to have it; and make no mistake, its crucial sufficient that an assault on Taiwan would in all probability additionally set off main financial sanctions from everybody else not more likely to be immediately concerned within the battle however allied to both Taiwan or the USA.

So that makes it much more insane that China continues to escalate even though, frankly, this can be a no win scenario for it; we don’t want to handle the navy elements of this problem; as a result of they truthfully do not matter; all of the issues is the economics, and the very fact China continues to escalate regardless of it being very apparent they stand to lose excess of anybody else triggering a battle is…. extraordinarily worrying.

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