Goofy robotic modder has taught Boston Dynamics’ robodog Spot to pee beer in a cup

by akoloy

LOLing all day: Are you bored with refilling your pink Solo cups after each spherical of beer pong? With the Pissbot 9000, your cup-filling days are over. Just set your spent Solos on the ground, and Pissbot will urinate your favourite beverage into them so you will routinely be prepared for the subsequent spherical.

Ever since unveiling it in 2017, Boston Dynamics has taught its quadruped robotic canine Spot to do many issues. It can open doorways. It can clean the home, weed the backyard, and skip rope. After releasing an SDK and Spot to the general public, others have gotten in on the coaching. The Massachusetts State Police programmed it to assist the bomb squad. Adam Savage trained it to drag a rickshaw. Its skills appear solely restricted by the creativeness. Case in level:

An ingenious robotic modder named Michael Reeves has educated Spot to pee beer right into a pink Solo cup on command. That command being setting the cup on the ground for the robotic to seek out. Aptly renamed “Pissbot 9000,” the closely modified Spot can find a cup wherever within the room, place its “penis” over it, and squirt beer into it.

The modifications Reeves needed to apply didn’t merely require attaching a mini-keg to Spot’s again and reprogramming it. He additionally designed a spout gimbal (penis) for precision aiming the stream. The mechanism makes use of servos and a solenoid powered by a Raspberry-Pi “vision system” to make sure the robotic would not miss the cup.

Additionally, Reeves wanted to create a cup monitoring mechanism so Spot may discover cups from throughout the room. The inventory inner digicam has a tough time recognizing the pink Solos. However, a higher-quality digicam from BD runs virtually $30,000. So Reeves determined to MacGyver one utilizing an off-the-shelf residence surveillance digicam, a wi-fi dongle, and an extended string of AV adapters.

Unfortunately, Reeves says Pissbot 9000 solely has an accuracy score of 35 %. Other than that, it really works “flawlessly”—so long as you do not thoughts largely foam. Spot has no pressure-control mechanics, so the beer shoots out with the power of a Super Soaker. Despite not working completely, it’s entertaining to see somebody put Spot to make use of on a job that Boston Dynamics positively doesn’t endorse.

Reeves posted the whole course of alongside together with his trademark “colorful” (learn: express) commentary to YouTube (above). Although it is only a goof, I’d a lot somewhat think about Spot pissing me a beer than breaking into my home and pulling a Metalhead on me whereas I sleep.

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