The Babylon Bee Fact-Checks 9 Claims About The Georgia Election…

by akoloy

There are quite a lot of wild claims on the market concerning the new election reform legislation in Georgia. Here are the claims and listed here are the details concerning the legislation.

CLAIM: The legislation reduces the variety of drop bins.
FACT: Mostly false. It doesn’t cut back them, it merely covers them in lethal snakes.

CLAIM: The legislation makes it unlawful to have meals or water within the voting line.
FACT: True. But fortunately, medical doctors have at all times beneficial fasting 24 hours earlier than voting to stop tummy aches.

CLAIM: Anyone who makes an attempt to vote with out ID will probably be stoned to loss of life.
FACT: Mostly true. They will probably be peached (which is sort of a stoning, however with scrumptious Georgia peaches).

CLAIM: The legislation makes it tougher to acquire an absentee poll.
FACT: False. It makes it simpler and offers quick access to all (although the absentee poll is manufactured from the identical steel as Thor’s hammer so solely the worthy can wield it).

CLAIM: The legislation was made as a conspiracy with Georgia’s neighbor, Azerbaijan.
FACT: What the heck are you speaking about? That’s not even the best Georgia!

CLAIM: The legislation reduces voting places to only one polling place hidden in a maze the place you have to struggle a minotaur.
FACT: True. You may simply reply the minotaur’s riddle.

CLAIM: The legislation declares that voting for Democrats is treason and makes it punishable by loss of life.
FACT:  Mostly true. However, the sentence is simply life in jail if one can show the vote for a Democrat was unintentional.

CLAIM: The legislation reduces early voting.
FACT: False. It truly expands early voting. In truth, you may vote for Trump 2024 proper now.

CLAIM: The legislation might result in the elimination of all rights in Georgia.
FACT: False. Your constitutional rights will probably be even safer, as a result of Democrats will probably be much less more likely to win.

The extra you realize, the extra empowered you’re. Remember to at all times examine The Babylon Bee earlier than you imagine simply something you learn on the web.

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