Jeff Zucker Should ‘Transition’ — Put Him in a ‘Sheer Black…

by akoloy

Friday, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson supplied recommendation to CNN head Jeff Zucker on the heels of criticism from former community anchor Brooke Baldwin that the “most influential anchors” and highest-paid on CNN had been males.

Carlson recommended Zucker “transition.”

“Well, that’s a lot of dudes,” he mentioned of CNN’s prime time lineup, as identified by Baldwin in a Ms. magazine interview. “Are you shocked? CNN is awash in toxic masculinity. Come on. Of course, it is. Have you seen the Chris Cuomo exercise videos? Look at those lats. It’s like “Mad Men,” the SoulCycle version. You suppose some butts have been slapped in that newsroom? You’re rattling proper, child, identical to you prefer it. Not acceptable. Not acceptable anymore. So how can we repair it? How can we repair CNN? Well, it wants new management, clearly, nevertheless it’s not that easy.”

“There are not a ton of people who can run a declining left-wing propaganda network,” Carlson continued. “You need relevant experience to do that, so here’s an idea. Jeff Zucker should transition. It’s not hard. As CNN has told us many times, if you look like a woman, you are a woman. You have all the female intuition and empathy that the sex is famous for. Overnight, the transformation is instantaneous. So Jeff Zucker wearing Dockers has no earthly idea what Brooke Baldwin is talking about. It’s like she’s speaking Latvian.”

“But you put Jeff Zucker in a sheer black strapless dress, and he instantly understands or maybe even rehire her,” he added. “Jeff Zucker, will, as we say in the female community, finally get it. Toxic masculinity solved. The only question is, will Jeff Zucker do this? We’ll see. But be warned. If he doesn’t transition or if he complains about our suggesting that he transition in any way, we will know for certain that Jeff Zucker is transphobic. There’s nothing worse than that, even CNN’s exercise videos.”

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