Gubernatorial Candidate Caitlyn Jenner To Save California Money…

by akoloy

Gubernatorial Candidate Caitlyn Jenner To Save California Money By Making Only 77% The Usual Pay

SACRAMENTO, CA—At a press convention outdoors the capitol constructing yesterday, seemingly gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner introduced a plan to avoid wasting California cash by solely making 77 cents on the greenback in comparison with earlier male governors.

The price financial savings to the state supplied by Jenner has propelled her (a feminine pronoun, since she is a girl) to the entrance of a probably crowded discipline of candidates within the upcoming recall election.

“If you elect me governor, the gender pay gap will save us lots of money, allowing us to balance the budget,” Jenner, who is certainly a girl, stated to reporters. “The harsh reality is we women make a lot less than men — 77 cents on the dollar, in fact. That’s just what we women have to deal with, being born women, and stuff. That’s not something we can change.”

“I mean, if we could just snap our fingers and announce that we were men, we’d make a lot more money, but that’s just not reality. It’s not the way the world works. So we’re stuck with the hand dealt to us by biology.”

Analysts estimate that simply by being a girl, which Jenner definitely is, Jenner will make $161,700 a 12 months as governor, as a substitute of the same old pay of $210,000. The financial savings of $48,300 will probably be sufficient to start out chipping away on the deficit, or else to throw one fancy dinner on the French Laundry.

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