Biden Claims Anyone Can Go To A Gun Show And Buy A Nuclear…

by akoloy

Biden Claims Anyone Can Go To A Gun Show And Buy A Nuclear Missile With No Background Check

WASHINGTON, D.C.—During a press convention at this time by which President Biden introduced new government motion on gun management, he made an emotional plea to Americans, making his case that the motion was wanted.

In explicit, he claimed that gun exhibits are “free-for-alls” the place anybody can simply go in and decide up a nuclear missile.

“Anybody can just walk right into a gun show and pick up an intercontinental ballistic missile, no questions asked,” Biden mentioned. “Back in my day, we would play with nuclear missiles with the neighborhood kids. One time, we nuked this poor kid off the face of the planet. It was hilarious. You should have seen the look on his face.”

“But it’s a different time now, and nukes do not belong in the hands of civilians.” Libertarians in all places shortly slammed Biden for this remark, declaring that proudly owning nuclear weapons is constitutionally protected.

Fact-checkers mentioned they might have checked Biden’s assertion, however they have been all coincidentally having lunch throughout his press convention. They have promised to fact-check him subsequent time.

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