Stacey Abrams Probably ‘Poll-Tested the Word Jim Crow’ — ‘Part…

by akoloy

Wednesday, throughout an look on FNC’s “Your World,” Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger took a shot at left-wing activist Stacey Abrams, previously the Democratic Party’s nominee for governor within the Peach State.

Raffensperger referenced Abrams when speaking about utilizing the time period “Jim Crow” to explain the Georgia Assembly’s effort to shore up election integrity when requested by Fox News Channel fill-in host Charles Payne.

“Well, number one, I had nothing to do with the writing of the legislation,” he mentioned. “That’s done by the legislators, both Senate and House side. That was their legislation. We looked at it from a legal standpoint when we were asked for legal advice. But, at the end of the day, they’re using SB-202, the Democrats are, as a cudgel or also as a way of pushing H.R.1, which is federal takeover of elections.”

“I think also, probably, Stacey Abrams has already poll-tested the word Jim Crow, found that that plays well, just when she poll-tested the word voter suppression back in 2014,” Raffensperger added. “So, this is part of her hustle for making money. She’s raised over $100 million now with her voter suppression hustle, which is not based in reality.”

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