Intel’s new AI helps you get simply the correct amount of hate speech in your sport chat

by akoloy

The Intel microprocessor firm was based in 1968. It’s bushwhacked a path of know-how and innovation within the a long time since to develop into one of many main producers of pc chips worldwide.

But by no means thoughts all that. Because we reside in a world the place Kodak is a failed cryptocurrency firm that’s now dealing drugs and everybody nonetheless thinks Elon Musk invented the tunnel.

Which implies that right here on this, the darkest timeline, we’re caught with the model of Intel that makes use of AI to energy “White nationalism” sliders and “N-word” toggles for online game chat.

Behold ‘Bleep,’ in all its silly glory:

What you’re seeing is the UI for Bleep. An AI-powered software program resolution that includes a collection of sliders and toggles that can help you decide how a lot hate speech, in a given class, you wish to hear whenever you’re chatting with individuals in multiplayer video games.

If you’re questioning what or who that is for: be part of the gang. This feels just like the sort of resolution you get whenever you apply the “there are no bad ideas” and “failure is not an option” philosophies in equal components to an issue you don’t have any enterprise addressing within the first place.

To be clear, I’m saying: even when it labored completely, Bleep is only a Rube Goldberg machine that replaces your mute button. Censoring the potty phrases doesn’t assist anybody when the context and their absence make the speaker’s intention clear anyway.

Hate speech isn’t a magic invocation we should deal with like “He Whose Name We Do Not Say.” It’s an issue that must be addressed at social ranges far past something Intel can remedy with deep studying. And, moreover, I don’t assume it’s going to work.

I believe Intel’s AI division is unbelievable they usually do wonderful work. But I don’t assume you’ll be able to remedy and even handle hate speech with pure language processing. In reality, I imagine it’s sadly ironic that anybody would attempt.

AI is biased in opposition to any accent that doesn’t sound distinctly white and American or British. Couple that reality with these tidbits: humans struggle to establish hate speech in real-time, hate speech evolves on the pace of memes, and there must be no acceptable degree of hate speech permitted (thus tacitly endorsed) by an organization by way of an interactive software program interface.

The time Intel spent growing and coaching an AI to find out how a lot hate speech directed at varied minority teams crossed the road between “none,” “some,” “most,” and “all,” or educating it to detect the “N-word and all its variants,” might have been spent doing one thing extra constructive.

Bleep, as an answer, is an insult to everybody’s intelligence.

And we’re by no means going to overlook it. Perhaps Intel’s by no means heard of this factor referred to as social media the place, from now till the tip of time, we’ll see photos from the Bleep interface used to de-nuance the discourse on racial injustice.

So, thanks for that. At least the UI appears to be like good. 

Published April 8, 2021 — 20:08 UTC

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