Girl Rushed To Hospital For Emergency Gender Reassignment Surgery…

by akoloy

Girl Rushed To Hospital For Emergency Gender Reassignment Surgery After Showing Up To School With A G.I. Joe

ASHEVILLE, NC—An area Third-grade woman was rushed to Mission Hospital at present after she confirmed as much as faculty with a G.I. Joe– an motion determine usually performed with by boys. She is at present present process emergency surgical procedure to turn into a boy.

“When we saw little Abby with that scary male military action figure in her hand, it was clear that she was a little boy trapped in a little girl’s body,” stated her trainer. “We are always looking for any signs of gender nonconforming behavior in our students so we can get them the essential gender treatment they need.” 

The faculty superintendent made it clear that after Abby returns to highschool as a boy, she will probably be allowed to play with the motion determine once more throughout recess. 

When requested whether or not Abby’s mother and father can be notified, the superintendent replied: “Goodness, no. Her parents don’t need to hear about any of that. They’re probably religious weirdos anyway. No, these decisions are best left to experts like us.” 

According to sources, Abby returned to highschool later that day as “Abe,” (he/him). 

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