Biden To Solve Poverty With One Trillion Dollar Per Hour Minimum…

by akoloy

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Amid rising issues that file federal spending may trigger Americans’ hard-earned cash to change into nugatory, Biden introduced his new plan that may save everybody and finish poverty perpetually: a one trillion greenback minimal wage. 

“Listen, folks, it’s real simple. Just give everyone a trillion dollars every hour and they’ll have all the money they need!” mentioned Biden to his imaginary pal Toby as they sat down for his or her nightly viewing of I Love Lucy. “A trillion dollars? Wow, that’s a lot of money! You’ll be set for life, how about that?”

Expert economists resembling Paul Krugman estimate that this new plan will treatment poverty, illness, and demise for all eternity. “Only a genius like Biden, or maybe Obama, could think of something like this,” mentioned Krugman.

Mega-corporations like McDonald’s have applauded the passage of Biden’s plan. In honor of the event, they’re unveiling the brand new trillion-dollar worth menu.

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