Uh Oh: GraceLife Members Carry Horns, Begin Marching Around Giant…

by akoloy

Uh Oh: GraceLife Members Carry Horns, Begin Marching Around Giant Fence Outside Their Church

EDMONTON, ALBERTA—Canadian police and well being authorities have been nervous after the members of GraceLife church confirmed as much as protest the forceful closing of their church and the creation of a giant fence throughout the property. 

They obtained much more nervous, nonetheless, when the church pulled out a bunch of horns and began marching across the large fence. 

“I feel like I’ve seen something like this before, maybe in Sunday School,” mentioned Health Minister Tyler Shandro. “I can’t remember what happened in the story though, or how it ended. I stopped going to church a long time ago.”

The church’s pastor, James Coates, instructed the press that he and his congregation will probably be marching across the fence for the subsequent 6 days, with a “huge surprise” on the seventh day.

“This is creepy,” mentioned one Canadian Mountie in between gulps of maple syrup. “I don’t wanna be here anymore.” 

Eventually, native authorities have been so weirded out they only took down the fence and went dwelling.  


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