Some Republicans Told Me They Would Vote for Up to $1 Trillion on…

by akoloy

Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) mentioned Wednesday in a video from Punchbowl News proven on MSNBC that a number of Republicans have advised him “they would be willing to vote for something up to $1 trillion” on President Joe Biden’s infrastructure package deal.

Anchor Geoff Bennett mentioned, “One of the president’s closest allies, Delaware Democratic Senator Chris Coons suggested to  Punchbowl News today that this jobs and infrastructure package could this package could get Republican votes only if it’s smaller. Here is what he had to say. Take a look.”

Coons mentioned, “I do think there that there is an opportunity here for us to come together around a smaller package. By smaller, I mean hundreds of billions of dollars that is directly targeted at hard infrastructure. Several fairly seasoned senior Republicans have surprised me by saying they would be willing to vote for something up to $1 trillion, and they’re willing to raise some taxes to pay for it.”

Bennett mentioned, “Leigh Ann, does that track with your own reporting? Do you think Congress could move on this by Memorial Day, just a few weeks from now?”

NBC News Capitol Hill correspondent Leigh Ann Caldwell mentioned, “Well, Senator Coons said there are some Republicans who will be willing to spend up to $1 trillion on infrastructure. I’ve actually spoken to a couple of those, including Senator Kevin Cramer of North Dakota.”

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