Biden To Tear Down Wall, Replace With More Compassionate ‘Rigid…

by akoloy

Biden To Tear Down Wall, Replace With More Compassionate ‘Rigid Vertical Border Monument’

EL PASO, TX—Fulfilling a marketing campaign promise to do away with Trump’s racist and xenophobic border wall, President Biden introduced as we speak he can be changing the wall with a brand-new, extra compassionate “Rigid Vertical Border Monument.” 

The new monument can be similar to Trump’s wall in design and performance besides that it is going to be inbuilt honor of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, as an everlasting testomony to the Biden Administration’s dedication to racial justice. 

“Listen, folks, we need to have some kind of barrier to make sure all that wonderful cheap labor can come through the proper channels,” mentioned Biden to his canine Major. “Our border monument will be way more compassionate than a regular wall since Democrats are building it!” Biden then tried to take an enormous sniff of his canine’s hair, inflicting Major to snap at him once more. 

According to sources, the brand new border monument could have uplifting slogans and work of Obama on it. Speakers fastened to the highest of the monument will loudly play recordings of Kamala Harris’s chortle to discourage coyotes.

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