‘Uh-Oh! Looks Like Someone Has Exceeded His Allowable Mileage For…

by akoloy

‘Uh-Oh! Looks Like Someone Has Exceeded His Allowable Mileage For The Day!’ Says Pete Buttigieg To SUV Owner On Dashboard Display

U.S.—With Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg proposing a nationwide tax primarily based on what number of miles you drive in your automobile, budget-minded drivers will be capable to activate new options of their automobiles that may warn them after they’re about to exceed their budgeted miles for the month.

“This is a great way to keep the poors from driving too much,” stated Buttigieg. “Er- I mean… to ensure social justice and equity on the roads! Yeah!”

Experts predict the proposed tax will both encourage the nation bumpkins in rural areas to maneuver to town and grow to be good, public transportation-using liberals.

“We don’t really know what those country folk are doing outside the city with all that driving,” stated the Transportation Secretary. “Probably going to barn-raisings and corn shuckings and racist “Q” meetings and Bible studies. They don’t need all that. Bad for the environment.”

New mandates would require all automobiles to be geared up with Buttigieg’s particular “mileage limit indicators” by 2022. Drivers will be capable to insert money or a bank card in the event that they want to hold driving.

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