Numerous Convoys Attacked in Iraq and Biden Says Nothing

by akoloy

I do know that our media is a pathetic lot of sycophants with no real interest in reporting actual information, however the assaults on U.S. logistical convoys in Iraq absolutely ought to have merited some remark. So far Crickets.

According to, six separate convoys have been hit with Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) in the last two days:

On March thirtieth, the Iraqi resistance teams focused three US logistical convoys in heart and south of Iraq. The IED assaults have been carried out for the second day in a row.

  • IED assault US logistic convoy in Naseriyah governorate, when the convoy was heading from Basra to Erbil.

  • IED assault US logistic convoy in Babil governorate .

  • IED assault US logistic convoy in Salah Aldeen governorate . The assault was within the Dujail space, and the International Resistance faction group claimed accountability for the operation.

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On March 29th, improvised explosive device (IED) targeted three logistical convoys of the US-led international coalition within the Iraqi Al Diwaniyah province in central Iraq.

According to pro-Iranian sources, related assaults have been reported within the provinces of Dhi-Qar and Babil.

This has been happening for greater than every week. Five different convoys have been hit final week on the identical day:

On March 25, five convoys carrying supplies and equipment for the US-led coalition came under attack in different parts of Iraq.

The assaults happened within the following areas:

  • The first provide convoy was attacked close to the town of al-Diwaniyah within the southern province of al-Qādisiyyah. The Islamic Resistance in Iraq – ‘Ashab al-Kahf claimed accountability for the assault;
  • The second provide convoy was attacked close to the town of al-Nasiriyah within the southern province of Dhi Qar. Saraya Awli’a al-Dam claimed accountability for the assault;
  • The third provide convoy was attacked close to the district of Yusufiya within the outskirts of the capital, Baghdad. The International Resistance claimed accountability for the assault. Three vans have been allegedly broken. The group shared a video of the assault;
  • The fourth provide convoy was attacked close to the town of Hillah within the central province of Babylon. No group has claimed accountability for the assault but;
  • The fifth provide convoy was attacked close to al-Diwaniyah. No group has claimed accountability for the assault but.

Follow the hyperlinks I’ve posted to observe among the movies of the assaults. Brings again dangerous outdated reminiscences of the assaults on our forces again in 2006. These are coordinated, sustained operations. The objective seems easy–power the U.S. coalition out of Iraq.

It is also necessary to notice that no casualties are being reported. The solely factor being destroyed is the cargo container connected to every truck. These assaults reportedly are being orchestrated by forces backed by Iran. The Iranians are being very cautious to not kill U.S. personnel. However, they’re concentrating on disrupting the provision line and creating logistic shortfalls that in flip will hamper navy operations.

Another large story receiving little consideration related to that is the on-going preventing between Syrian factions backed by the U.S. coalition and people teams backed by our erstwhile NATO ally, Turkey. This isn’t a easy story of “bad” Iran versus “good” America. Far extra sophisticated.

You must ask your self a quite simple query. Are you prepared to ship your little children to the hell-scape and threat loss of life or maiming whereas the Democrats demonize any soldier, sailor or Marine who dares to specific their help for Donald Trump’s America First agenda? When our navy personnel are being maligned by extremists within the Biden Administration as “insurrectionists,” we shouldn’t be fooled into getting whipped up right into a frenzy to ship extra of our little children into that godforsaken sinkhole. This ain’t our struggle.

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