Top-secret Cold War undertaking discovered disturbing ‘life-like’ fossil vegetation below Greenland

by akoloy

Frozen soil that was collected in Greenland through the Cold War by a secret army operation hid one other secret: buried fossils that may very well be 1,000,000 years outdated. Recent evaluation revealed vegetation that have been so well-preserved they “look like they died yesterday,” researchers mentioned.

U.S. Army scientists dug up the ice core in northwestern Greenland in 1966 as a part of Project Iceworm, a covert mission to construct a subsurface base concealing tons of of nuclear warheads, the place they’d be inside placing vary of the Soviet Union. An Arctic analysis station named Camp Century was the Army’s cowl story for the undertaking. But Iceworm fizzled; the bottom was deserted and the ice core lay forgotten in a freezer in Denmark till it was rediscovered in 2017.

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