Meghan Markle Inspires Millions Of Young Girls With Message That…

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Meghan Markle Inspires Millions Of Young Girls With Message That No Matter How Famous, Rich, And Powerful They Are, They Will Always Be Oppressed

MONTECITO, CA—In an explosive interview with Oprah, former Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle impressed thousands and thousands of younger ladies all over the world with the crucial message that regardless of how wealthy, well-known, and highly effective they are, they will at all times be oppressed.

“Oppression is inescapable,” stated Markle, who’s married to a prince and value roughly $50 million. “If you are a woman– especially a woman of color, oppression will follow you all the days of your life and you will never really be happy.”

Young ladies all over the world stood up and cheered on the inspiring message, lots of them feeling hope for the primary time. 

“Thanks to Meghan Markle, I feel like I too can grow up to be a famous, rich, beautiful oppressed person,” stated Mikayla White, a Fifth-grade lady from Southern California. “It’s so encouraging to be reminded that I can grow up to be in the top 1% while never losing my resentment and high sensitivity to microaggressions.”

Markle has promised to proceed taking her message of hope to women in every single place till nobody is pleased or grateful anymore.

“It’s my true calling,” she stated. 

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