Cuba Forcing Citizens into Coronavirus ‘Camps’

by akoloy

Eyewitnesses say the Cuban Communist Party is forcing suspected coronavirus sufferers into unsanitary, poorly stocked, and densely populated “camps” and making them take an unproven antiviral therapy, a report revealed this weekend.

The Global Liberty Alliance (GLA), a human rights advocacy group that focuses on authorized assist to dissidents, verified ongoing studies of Cuban residents ending up in “isolation centers” if suspected of carrying Chinese coronavirus. The camp whose existence and dire medical standing the group confirmed is situated in central Santa Clara.

“A government ‘survey taker’ (encuestadora), allegedly connected to the Ministry of Public Health, knocks on citizens’ doors daily, asking how many people live in each home and whether they are experiencing respiratory or fever-like symptoms,” the GLA confirmed. “Suspected COVID [Chinese coronavirus]-positive cases are being transported to an ‘isolation center,’ which is a minimally converted school. They are isolated for 5 days, given the PCR COVID-19 test, and if tested positive, are sent to the Military Hospital. If they test negative, they must remain 5 more days before being PCR tested again.”

The report corroborated prior revelations from Cuban impartial media that the “isolation centers” have been poorly run camps the place potential coronavirus sufferers have been saved shut sufficient collectively that the virus could have been spreading inside the facility. Authorities additionally offered almost inedible meals to these pressured to remain there, many studies emphasised. Cubanet, a dissident on-line outlet, printed images of one of many “meals” at a camp in Havana that appeared to function two boiled eggs, a chunk of boiled unidentified root vegetable, and rice.

Among essentially the most alarming revelations within the GLA report is the truth that the Cuban authorities is utilizing unproven interferon therapies on individuals who take a look at constructive for coronavirus and are thus moved from the transformed faculty facility to the army hospital camp.

“In some cases, a COVID-negative person can accompany patients in the hospital. The COVID-negative companions are given drops of Nasalferon … twice daily to prevent contagion, while the COVID-positive patients are given interferon shots,” the GLA report detailed.

The affirmation echoes reports in Cuban state media boasting that nasal interferon therapies (nasalferon) could be obtainable for at-home use to people who take a look at constructive for Chinese coronavirus however don’t require hospitalization.

Interferons are antivirals that may generate excessive negative effects in people. Some preliminary studies have proven that one interferon, Interferon-beta, could have some constructive results in combating infections of Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), a illness brought on by a unique coronavirus. No research counsel an analogous risk of constructive results in opposition to the Chinese coronavirus. Cuba has spent the previous yr selling the usage of a unique interferon, Interferon-alpha 2b, in opposition to Chinese coronavirus, regardless of the dearth of scientific proof for the therapy.

“When the Government of Cuba assures that the Interferon developed in Cuba cures the coronavirus, it is committing a serious crime against world public health, since this drug not only lacks any scientific proof, but also where it has been tested has already given null results of encouragement,” a bunch of medical doctors denounced in April 2020 in response to the marketing campaign, in an announcement through the human rights group Cuban Prisoners Defenders.

The interferon therapy may “kill, rather than cure patients,” the medical doctors warned.

Cuba has acquired minimal worldwide help from the scientific neighborhood in its pursuit of interferon therapy. Socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela initially promoted in early 2020, however even this dependable ally has pivoted to domestically produced false cures, such because the administration of poisonous ozone fuel to coronavirus sufferers.

At least one nation – South Africa – has purchased into the interferon idea. South African officers just lately revealed that the nation’s army purchased doses of Interferon-alpha-2b from Havana within the final yr. It remains unclear how the army managed to buy the unproven therapy, the place the 260 million rand ($16.8 million) got here from to purchase the antivirals, or who would have entry to them. The South African Defense Force arrange an ad-hoc activity staff this week to research the acquisition.

The GLA report on Cuba’s coronavirus camps additionally raised issues concerning the competence of Cuba’s medical staffers.

“According to reports, however, the medical professionals are not documenting people’s health conditions and status accurately,” the report noted. “They have tried to give interferon to COVID-negative companions instead of the COVID patient, and have tried to give excessive doses of Interferon to patients, allegedly due to poor documentation.”

Staffers additionally reportedly do nothing to keep up a sanitary atmosphere within the camps, that means sufferers are pressured to do their very own cleansing.

“The cleanliness in the center is ‘awful,’ with patients having to clean most spaces themselves, which further contributes to contamination,” the report detailed. “The only space cleaned by staff is the common walkway between beds; everything else is left dirty. No bleach is available unless patients befriend cleaning staff.”

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