UK’s Sir Iain Duncan Smith on ‘Genocide Amendment’ and Free World’s Leverage Over the Chinese Regime

by akoloy

Countries within the free world have extra leverage than folks might imagine towards the Chinese regime’s abusive conduct, the UK’s Sir Iain Duncan Smith mentioned.

Speaking with The Epoch Times on March 4 about an amendment he supports that goals to cease bilateral commerce with genocidal international locations, the previous Conservative Party chief mentioned the Chinese regime has an “appalling” human rights report.

“What we’ve got now in China going on is what many of us believe the data shows is, frankly, likely to be genocide,” he mentioned.

If the modification is handed, an ad-hoc Parliamentary Judicial Committee—composed of retired judges within the House of Lords—could make preliminary determinations on whether or not a companion in a related bilateral commerce settlement with the UK has dedicated genocide, so the federal government can determine its actions accordingly.

Duncan Smith mentioned he thinks the UK authorities is attempting to dam the modification as a result of it desires to commerce with the Chinese regime after the EU rushed by way of what he referred to as a “terrible trade deal with China.”

“So I think the UK feels under pressure. Because having left the European Union, you know, we don’t want them to have advantage,” he mentioned. “That’s the thinking of the government. But it’s the wrong thinking.”

With the worldwide path to cope with genocide in China successfully blocked, Duncan Smith mentioned that the UK “needs to lead,” and “have a real chance to lead” in taking actions to cease the regimes abusive conduct, because of its connections with the Commonwealth and alliances with the remainder of the Five Eyes states, France, and another European international locations.

Duncan Smith mentioned the Chinese authorities have been “pretty brutal” to its personal folks and its relationship in direction of different international locations has been a “thoroughly bullying one,” and it has been in a position to get away with “an awful lot of its behavior” due to the free world’s dependency on it.

“The dependency on China has got to end,” he mentioned. “We have more leverage in the free world than we think.”

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