You Think Dr. Seuss Is Bad? Here Are 12 More Children’s Books…

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You Think Dr. Seuss Is Bad? Here Are 12 More Children’s Books That Should Be Canceled IMMEDIATELY

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Your kid’s bookshelves are crawling with racism and poisonous problematicness. 

But don’t be concerned — it is nothing we won’t repair with somewhat good old school e book burning.

There are a whole lot of youngsters’s books that would use a great canceling. But let’s simply begin with these 9 for now:

1. Horton Hears a Who — This Seuss e book hasn’t been canceled but, nevertheless it certain must be. The e book claims a individual is an individual regardless of how small, exhibiting that Seuss hates girls’s rights and desires to regulate their our bodies. 

2. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom — Prominently options the letter “Q.”

3. Every Berenstain Bears e book — These books perpetuate the concept of a nuclear household with conventional values. They additionally appropriated furry tradition.

4. Clifford the Big Red Dog — He’s actually a canine whistle for far-right neo-Nazi extremists and their affinity to the colour purple.

5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory — Teaches children there ought to be penalties for unhealthy conduct with out even contemplating the kid’s race, ethnicity, or historical past of being oppressed. 

6. The Very Hungry Caterpillar — This is e book encourages children to devour and devour, destroying the setting for their very own private acquire.

7. Goodnight Moon — Honestly, it is most likely not racist, but when we now have to learn this e book to our youngsters another time we’re gonna die.

8. The Jungle Book — Insensitive and stereotypical of Indian tradition. Mowgli known as “man-cub,” and do not even get us began on that loaded time period. How has this not been canceled already? 

9. If You Give A Mouse A Cookie — Teaches children about trigger and effect– which, as everyone knows from company anti-racism coaching, is a facet of white tradition not shared by different individuals teams.

10. The Tuttle Twins — Free markets? Individual accountability? American historical past? Are you kidding? Where can we even begin? We actually cannot even with this one.  

11. The Little Engine That Could — Implies that arduous work and energy might help you overcome challenges, which is fairly tone-deaf contemplating oppressed teams aren’t in a position to profit from laborious work.

12. Genderqueer Marxist Baby — Actually this one appears superb.

Get out the kerosene when you love your youngsters.

NOT SATIRE: The Tuttle Twins youngsters’s e book collection is instructing the rising technology concerning the concepts of freedom, free markets, particular person accountability, and American historical past. Many of those concepts are now not taught within the classroom, which is why we’re on a mission to distribute 1,000,000 copies of the Tuttle Twins to households, homeschoolers, faculties, and libraries.

It prices roughly $10 to print and distribute one copy of the Tuttle Twins. You can click here to help us distribute more copies of the Tuttle Twins with a tax-deductible gift of $10, $50, $100, or even more. 

Thank you, 

Connor Boyack
Author, Tuttle Twins


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