7 Ways Christianity Ruined Science

by akoloy

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Christianity messes up every little thing, particularly science. Everyone is aware of that if it weren’t for Christianity, the scientists would have solved all our issues and we would have flying automobiles by now.

Here are 7 vital methods Christianity fully ruined science for everyone: 

  • A Christian found gravity, which retains everybody helplessly pinned to the earth: Gravity holds everybody down and prevents us from flying within the sky like a flock of fairly birds. Thanks so much, Newton.
  • Christian scientists worship God, which makes different scientists really feel just a little responsible after they wish to play god: Thanks, however we’ll cross on the guilt-trip, thanks very a lot. 
  • Christians created antibiotics, which has ruined the method of pure choice by saving lives: Really — do we want all these previous individuals? Science says most likely not. Survival of the fittest, grandma!
  • God created the world from nothing, actually making every little thing scientists have completed since then look fairly foolish: God is actually saying that science is not that vital, since he will not even let scientists create matter out of nothing. He gave the universe a particular starting to allow them to’t even actually deny it was all created sooner or later. Sad!
  • Christianity contributes to the dangerous overpopulation of Mother Earth by yucky people: We know individuals are the largest risk to the earth, however Christians preserve wanting to guard them, even the unborn ones. They even have a variety of infants and perpetuate the human race. Ignorant!
  • The scientific technique was created by a religious Christian, which burdens scientists with restrictive fundamentalist guidelines: The scientific technique limits our science. We’re uninterested in fundamentalist Christians all the time imposing strict guidelines. Live just a little, for goodness sake! 
  • Christianity offers individuals a transcendent which means and goal exterior themselves, which is completely lame and anti-science: Science can be a lot cooler if we may discover concepts like eugenics and DNA tampering and making a race of robots to enslave humanity with out worrying about morals and goal reality. What would go unsuitable?

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Eric Hedin was having fun with a productive profession as a physics professor at Ball State University when a letter from a militant atheist arrived and all hell broke unfastened. The atheists focused Hedin after studying his Boundaries of Science course uncovered college students to a scientific case for design and goal in cosmology, physics, and biochemistry. Download your pattern chapter HERE!

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