Report: Women In Hell Still Trying To Turn Up The Thermostat

by akoloy

HELL—If Hell is thought for one factor, it’s punishing fires of everlasting damnation. It’s reportedly worse for males, although, as a result of whereas they’re affected by searing warmth not like the thoughts can think about, the ladies in hell preserve attempting to show the thermostat up.

“Ahh! It burns!” yelled Lewis Wilkins, a denizen of Hell. “Such heat I can hardly fathom. What I would give for but a single drop of cool water!”

“I’m cold,” mentioned Elizabeth Bradley, one other inhabitant of hell. She then proceeded to show the thermostat up.

“Aieee! I thought the torment couldn’t get any worse, but now it’s somehow even hotter!” yelled Wilkins. “Why’d you do that?!”

“I’m still cold,” mentioned Bradley.

“Then put on a sweater!”

Bradley ignored Wilkins and adjusted the thermostat once more.

“Ahh! I thought it couldn’t get worse, but I was wrong!” shouted Wilkins. “Why don’t they keep that thermostat locked?”

Men have given thought to turning the thermostat down, however they’ve determined they’d slightly cope with the warmth than the whining.

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