Estimated 9 Billion Already Dead From Texas Mask Mandate Reversal

by akoloy

WORLD—We have been warned. Only sooner or later after Texas succumbed to neanderthal considering and reversed the masks mandate, consultants reported an estimated 9 billion folks around the globe have already died as a direct results of this silly motion.

“We estimate there are now negative 1.3 billion people alive,” mentioned one knowledgeable solemnly. “We’ve never had a negative number like that before. Shucks– I’m not even alive anymore, come to think of it. Sad.”

Scientists have adopted the science very scientifically to find out this catastrophic finish to all human life on Earth instantly started after Governor Greg Abbott known as his press convention, asserting his plan to actually homicide everybody by not making them put on t-shirt material on their faces. 

“Too bad, humanity had a good run,” mentioned one other knowledgeable, who can be useless now. “That’s what we get for electing Republicans. Hopefully, humanity learned its lesson.” 

The knowledgeable, who was actually useless from the Texas masks mandate reversal, then joined his mates on the native bar for some beers.

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