Maricopa County Releases Junk Audit Reports

by akoloy

Guest publish by Mark

Maricopa County in Arizona lately launched reports by two vendors who carried out election audits in early February. Witnesses working on the (MCTEC) Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center testified that 12% of all ballots have been being despatched to adjudication. Numerous supervisors supplied this information when struggling to assign this massive quantity of poll recordsdata to adjudicators.

So one in eight ballots have been being despatched as a digital picture to people at computer systems. These adjudicators would overview and will change the circles voters chosen on these ballots. Changing a poll is as simple as checking a field on a PDF kind. But neither audit discloses this unusually excessive price of adjudication or why it occurred.

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors supplied each audit organizations a “test deck” of ballots. The audit by Pro V&V states they processed a minimum of 1,549,703 poll positions. If their check was actually replicating the election, then 186,000 of those ballots ought to have been despatched to adjudication. But there’s no point out of this or any recurring scanner points. Other than 2 poll jams, their report merely says “Ballots were imported into RTR and adjudicated resulting in accurate numbers.” The experiences are purposely void of any particulars. It needs to be famous the MCTEC heart was staffed with anti-Trump zealots, simply not as dangerous because the TCF heart. These have been the folks adjudicating ballots.

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There is a serious distinction between an investigation and an EAC accredited audit. With an EAC “audit” the distributors are given a strict scope of labor by the client. Anything exterior these parameters will not be investigated or disclosed. This 12% of adjudication would have created an amazing quantity of errors within the logs. Did these auditors select to not disclose this? Or did their “test deck” not produce many adjudicated ballots? If so, why? No one is aware of as a result of it was not within the scope of the audit. An investigation would resolve this. Investigators would evaluate “ballot images” in opposition to the precise paper ballots.

As one other instance, Maricopa instructed auditors to examine gadgets for web connectivity between July sixth and November tenth. So SLI appeared on the logs of a few servers, some adjudicator workstations, and 35 of the 315 precinct scanners. They solely checked the logs for indicators of web connectivity. No different evaluation was documented as a result of it wasn’t ordered by the Maricopa Board of Supervisors. It says no proof of web connectivity was discovered, however farther down discusses reviewing browser historical past and search phrases. Analysts have famous that Dominion software program permits logs to be edited, changed, and fully deleted whereas leaving no audit path of that customers credentials.

These publicly released audit reports are noticeably void of dates, particularly when software program was put in. During the “investigation” carried out by Allied Security for Antrim County, they discovered the Dominion ImageCast Precinct Cards have been reprogrammed. This software program impacts how ballots are learn and tabulated. The programming was modified simply earlier than the election on 10/23/2020. Then two days after the election on 11/05/2020  it was modified to a compliant software program model almost certainly to cover fraud. When an audit simply checks the software program model or hash numbers it may conclude this lately put in software program was compliant and the whole lot was OK.

SLI Compliance states they inspected many points of EMS (Election Management System) from the registry to the USB historical past. Several witnesses said a Dominion worker used an orange exterior drive to again up the complete system. The machine was eliminated at night time, taken off-premise, delivered to somebody, and reconnected to the servers by way of USB within the morning. The Dominion worker admitted there was no chain of custody and wouldn’t disclose his offsite handoffs. There isn’t any point out of this USB exercise or any EMS exercise like this in both audit report. Again, that is the distinction between and EAC accredited “audit” and an actual investigation.

SLI Compliance states they audited all 9 of the ImageCast Central Count (ICC) high-speed scanners used at MCTEC. Witnesses testified that ballots have been dropped off by Runbeck Election Services vehicles on November 4th, fifth, sixth and each day till the twelfth. Supervisor explanations on these deliveries was at all times the identical: “Runbeck has high speed scanners.” Their facility is 6 miles away from MCTEC. But there is no such thing as a point out of Runbeck or these offsite scanners in both audit report. Bryan Dandurand, VP of Operations for Runbeck, was contacted for additional clarification and has not but responded.

It’s probably there’s extra documentation from these audits than what’s supplied to the general public. Only 14 of the 60 pages from SLI Compliance report incorporates helpful data for the general public. About 7 of the ten pages within the Pro V&V report is beneficial. What’s noticeable is that EAC accredited audits by no means appear to have a look at recognized points and whitewash the plain. An actual election investigation focuses on the recognized points, seems in any respect points of knowledge, and follows the proof.


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