Rookie Mistake: Man Becomes Transgender After Holding Wife’s…

by akoloy

Rookie Mistake: Man Becomes Transgender After Holding Wife’s Purse For More Than 10 Seconds

AUSTIN, TX—Leon Miller is often cautious to by no means deal with his spouse’s purse, however the different day whereas strolling via the mall his spouse requested him if he might maintain her purse actual fast whereas she returned one thing on the retailer. Miller obliged, however after taking possession of the purse, he was unable to search out his spouse and was caught holding it till he was now not a person.

“Usually my policy is to never handle the purse more than to quickly hand it to her,” defined Miller, whose pronouns are actually she/her. “But I was stuck, standing there holding it, quickly becoming emasculated. I should have just chucked it in the trash.”

Gender specialists agree that Miller is now a girl and that there’s nothing she will be able to do about it. “Social scientists generally agree that if you ever hold a purse for more than ten seconds, you are now a woman, exactly the same as any other woman,” stated gender research professor Jana Reed. “And it’s transphobic to say otherwise.”

Miller’s family and friends appear to be very accepting, however that simply appears to be annoying Miller. “I’m still a man, right?” she stated. “This is all making me feel very frustrated.” A horrible thought struck her. “Oh no! I’m sharing my feelings!”

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