NASA Lands Perseverance on Mars

by akoloy

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NASA Lands Perseverance on Mars

NASA efficiently landed its new robotic rover on Mars Thursday, a mission to straight examine if there was ever life on the planet.

“Perseverance is going about one kilometers per second at an altitude of about 16 kilometers from the surface of Mars. We have entered heading alignment, which means president is no longer trying to control the distance to Mars, but — to the target on Mars, but instead is flying straight to the target. President is continuing to descend on the parachute. We are coming up on the initialization of terrain relative navigation and subsequently, the timing of the landing engines. Our current velocity is about 90 meters per second at an altitude of 4.2 kilometers. Touchdown confirmed — safely on the surface of Mars.” [cheering] “I’ll be moving in, showing you the safe zone that we’ve landed in.”

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