SHOCKING EXCLUSIVE: Auditors Selected by Arizona Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Send Message…

by akoloy

The audit professionals chosen by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors’ (MCBOS)  to carry out the audit of the Phoenix space 2020 election outcomes, have been first recognized as being not licensed, regardless of the MCBOS’s claims that they have been. 

Now, these similar auditors have been noticed whereas performing their audit, not adhering to quite a few actions they themselves needs to be auditing, after which they have been concerned in probably the most profane motion you possibly can think about.

We reported beforehand that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (MCBOS), the physique that oversees elections within the Phoenix space, lastly agreed to have audits carried out of their 2020 election outcomes after suing the Arizona Senate to stop the audits from happening.  The MCBOS lastly agreed however provided that they might select the auditors.  The auditors they selected they claimed have been licensed however we came upon that they weren’t.  Within hours of our reporting, the governing physique in Washington D.C. licensed these entities.  We don’t know what data the governing physique used to make this modification.

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Pro V&V was one of many corporations chosen by the MCBOS.  Not solely have been they NOT licensed when chosen, they apparently will not be very skilled as nicely. 

An area group of Pheonix IT specialists determined to watch the Pro V&V workforce performing their audit in Maricopa County.  Surveilance was out there per public entry to surveillance cameras on the location the audit was being carried out.   The observers have been capable of assessment the actions occurring contained in the auditee’s location.  Many actions precipitated the observers concern.

One observer, Ryan Hartwig, signed an affidavit the place he defined that he was involved in regards to the audit being carried out as a result of the nest cams (cameras set as much as movie the work being carried out) within the tabulation middle weren’t working correctly and the auditors there usually appeared on the cameras, used their telephones within the services, and left the door to the ability open, which signifies a lack of know-how of, or contempt for, correct entry controls. (Access controls are these controls that stop unwelcomed entry to a facility or community.  Ensuring doorways are locked, guaranteeing correct entry to a facility by way of passwords or keys, guaranteeing property entry to machines and networks by way of the usage of ample passwords, prevention of intrusion by way of the Internet, and so on. could be forms of entry controls.)

On the night of the fifth, after observing the auditors for every week, Ryan and a few members of his IT group determined to drive to the situation the place the audit was happening and assessment the situation for improper system and constructing entry.  He noticed, as famous in his affidavit under:

I left my dwelling and drove to the MCTEC, getting there round 10:20pm.  I opened an app on my android telephone named Wifi Analyzer (made by VRem Software Development) and noticed that there was a community with the identify of MCPublic that was an open community. When Aaron acquired there and ran a scan, he informed me he noticed an Apple TV, Xbox, and a Wii on the general public county community. Where we have been at, there weren’t that many different buildings close by. Aaron additionally scanned and stated he noticed a 3Com system on the community, which he informed me is susceptible to hacking.

What have been the auditors doing?  Playing video video games?  Then the professionalism of the auditors got here shining by way of per Ryan’s Affidavit:

At one level, Aaron informed me he noticed one of many networks change names to “f$$kyou” [see picture below]. I appeared over at his laptop computer and noticed the WiFi identify “f$$kyou”, and I took an image of his laptop computer displaying that. I then used The WiFi Analyzer on my telephone and likewise noticed the identical community “f$$kyou” on my telephone as nicely. I took a screenshot of that by myself telephone. The Wifi Analyzer exhibits distances and I appeared on my telephone and noticed that it stated that the MCPublic community was at roughly 195.3m and the “fuckyou” community was at roughly 193.3m from my place.

Ryan offered the screenshot under as nicely:

The undeniable fact that the auditors would ship such a profane message whereas having such an irreverent contempt for the controls they themselves needs to be auditing is a serious reason for concern.  This was no skilled audit.  Why would this agency ever be chosen to carry out an audit of something with this sort of professionalism and flippant regard for the actions they need to be auditing?

There is far more within the affidavits under.

Below is Ryan Hartwig’s Affidavit:

Declaration of Ryan David H… by Jim Hoft

Below is Aaron Wagner’s Affidavit:

Declaration of Aaron Wagner by Jim Hoft

Below is Matt Van Bibber Affidavit:

Declaration of Matthew Alle… by Jim Hoft

Here’s the audio with Ryan Hartwig:

Here is the assertion by Ryan Hartwig.

Maricopa County Wifi Public… by Jim Hoft

In many years of audit work, I’ve by no means seen or heard of an auditor who despatched a crude message just like the one which was despatched to the observers in Arizona.  This is probably the most unprofessional audit motion I’ve ever heard of.

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