‘I Would Have Spoken Up About The Holocaust,’ Says Man Who Is…

by akoloy

‘I Would Have Spoken Up About The Holocaust,’ Says Man Who Is Silent On China’s Concentration Camps

BEAVER’S TAIL, OR—Local man Brad Mandolin identifies as an anti-fascist, bravely punching hundred-year-old statues and throwing bricks via the home windows of small companies to verify fascism by no means rises once more. He’s always telling his associates — through Zoom, in fact — that he would have spoken out towards Hitler’s focus camps had he lived within the Nineteen Thirties and Forties, although he has mentioned nothing about China’s focus camps immediately.

“I totally would have been on the forefront of the fight against concentration camps,” mentioned the person who has ignored all information protection about Uighurs rounded up by Communist China and has the truth is defended corporations who cowl up China’s oppression and extermination of its individuals. “Everyone else would have been like, ‘Eh, Hitler’s not so bad,’ and I would have been like, ‘NO! I AM TAKING A STAND! WE MUST STOP HIM!’ I’m not saying I would have been a hero, but take that as you will.”

“Also, the Uighur concentration camp thing is an alt-right, borderline racist, Fox News conspiracy theory,” he mentioned. “It’s really xenophobic to attack China’s way of doing things. A very white supremacist way of thinking to say that their way of handling this kind of thing is morally inferior to ours.”

“Yeah, you know that picture of the guy folding his arms at the Hitler rally? That woulda been me,” he mentioned as he typed on his iPhone. “Anyway, gonna go play some Destiny 2 and then watch an NBA game.”

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