Romney’s Child Tax-Credit Plan Hailed as Ambitious, Innovative

by akoloy

Sen. Mitt Romney’s plan to pay mother and father as much as $15,000 a yr to assist elevate their children is being hailed as “wildly ambitious” and modern, studies The Washington Examiner.

“Mitt Romney is putting forward a wildly ambitious proposal to re-orient the American welfare state toward children,” conservative commentator Ramesh Ponnuru wrote in Bloomberg.

“The federal government transfers a hefty chunk of national income from younger people to the elderly. The Utah Republican senator wants more money to go to the parents of minor children.”

Under Romney’s Family Security Act, single mother and father incomes as much as $400,000 can be eligible for direct, per-child money funds. Families with youngsters as much as 5 years outdated would obtain $4,200 per yr per little one in $350 month-to-month funds, and households with youngsters ages 6 to 17 would obtain $4,000 per little one, or $250 per thirty days.

“I do think a lot of people see it as a leveling of the playing field as opposed to a massive social program,” Boyd Matheson, opinion editor of the Deseret News in Salt Lake City, instructed the information outlet.

“It’s budget neutral and consolidates a number of existing programs into a program where people are able to get checks on a monthly basis and therefore have capacity to care for their families,” he mentioned.

Romney’s proposal would lower little one poverty within the U.S. by as much as one-third and deep little one poverty by half, in line with an evaluation by the Niskanen Center, a libertarian suppose tank.

“The Romney plan is an improvement over the Biden plan in three ways,” Matt Bruenig, an analyst on the progressive People’s Policy Project suppose tank, wrote in a blog post. “First, it provides more benefits. Second, it uses the Social Security Administration, which should increase participation, among other things. Third, it likely phases out at a higher income level than Biden’s plan does, which will make the program easier to administer and more universal in its coverage.”

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain mentioned Romney’s proposal is “an encouraging sign that bipartisan action to reduce child poverty IS possible.”

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